Grilled Chicken Tikka

Hey hey hey!!! Guess who's back?! Wait, I'll give you a hint. She's super cool, she can cook (allegedly), and she's kind of one of the most amazing people you know. What's that? Beyonce, you say? No, I said she can cook. But I mean, you're pretty close. Oh, you have another guess? Chrissy Teigen. … Continue reading Grilled Chicken Tikka


Keema (Spicy Pakistani Ground Beef)

Hey all! How's it going? Good? Oh, that's great! Okay, so today's recipe is fairly straightforward and once it's made you can eat as is or it can be put in loads of other dishes. Yes, today's dish is Keema!! Keema is basically a Indian-spiced ground beef dish. Sounds goooood, huh? You're right, it doesn't … Continue reading Keema (Spicy Pakistani Ground Beef)