Sweet Lassi

It’s been awhile hasn’t it. I apologize. I have been extremely busy occupying myself with summer-y things. Speaking of summer, today’s recipe is a perfect drink to mix up on hot summer day. You know, those painfully hot days where you start sweating as soon as you walk outside. (The types of days where I prefer to crank up the AC and lie in my bed with my computer). Yeah, one of those days. So, when one of those days sneaks up on you I suggest cooling yourself off with a nice tall glass of Sweet Lassi. No, not your dog Lassie, or how Shawn Spencer more affectionately calls on Carlton Lassiter. Any Psych fans out there? No. Well then that made no sense and I apologize. Anyways, this is actually pronounced Luss-see. So not Lassie, Luss-see! I think we’re good on that. Lassi’s are basically the milkshakes of Pakistan and they’re really simple to make. The only difference between milkshakes in America and Lassi is that lassi is yogurt based, rather than ice-cream based. But don’t worry, it’s still magically delicious. Am I allowed to say that? Well, anywho, let’s get to it!


  • 2 cups plain yogurt
  • 2 cups milk
  • 5-6 tsp sugar (more or less)


These are going to be the shortest directions I have ever given (that’s why I talked so much in my intro, I was trying to balance everything out, that, and I like to go on unnecessary tangents). Basically, what you’re going to need to do is, now listen carefully, take all your ingredients and put them in a blender. Then blend.


Just blend for about a minute on high until the Lassi thickens up and seems to magically double in size. This is why you don’t want to fill the blender too high because the blended milk froths up considerably as it thickens with the yogurt. One more thing, if you want to make a different quantity all you really need to know is that the milk and yogurt are about a 1:1 ratio. With usually a little more yogurt.


Lastly, just taste for sweetness. If you want a more tangy sweetness from the yogurt add less sugar and if you want it more sugary just add more sugar and blend. It’s up to you. Well that’s about it. You can serve as is or put in ice cubes to cool the drink even more, but it might water it down if you add to many. I would suggest just using cold milk and yogurt and serving as soon as it’s made so it’s still nice and thick and fresh. Not that you can’t refrigerate and drink later, but it’s just not the same. You know what I’m talking about. Well here you are, this serves about 4-6 people. Enjoy!


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